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Celebrate with Dreamscape!!!

We are so excited about our rebranding at Dreamscape Kitchens & Traditional Carpentry we asked you to come and celebrate with us!!! We opened our showroom over not one but two days; Friday 1st June and Saturday 2nd June, 9am-1pm

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Spring Styles 2018

  With the arrival of spring, what better time to revamp the heart of the home. The great thing about adding colour is that you can liven up the kitchen with minimal effort. What are the must haves for 2018?

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Another Dreamscape Creation

  You know you’ve left an impression, when potential clients approach you and come back years later with an order for a big project kitchen. Result. They had seen our work and liked what they saw. We had the pleasure

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Recipe Blog: No Bake Cheese Cake

This is my favourite no bake cheese cake recipe by far and it has to be the easiest one in the world! I could actually do it blind-folded and in under 15 minutes! What I like in particular is that

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The Importance of Excellent Customer Service

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us – we are dependent on him.” – Unknown I had two very contrasting experiences on eBay this week. One was an example of how not

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La Cusine Is The New Living Room

Life may be created in the bedroom, but life definitely happens in the kitchen. In the old days, kitchens were mostly used for cooking only, whereas now they are for creating great food and living. It’s where the whole family

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Why Choose Bespoke Furniture

We are living in the age of instant gratification, convenience and speed, where everything can be bought off the Internet, yet more and more people are favouring bespoke furniture over mass production. Let’s look at the reasons and advantages of

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Networking Is The In Thing

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.” – Robert Kiyosaki 2017 is the year that Dreamscape Kitchens has joined the world of business networking. Since January this year we are proud

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Recipe Blog: Saltimbocca

This is a classic Italian dish and I must confess, despite having lived in Italy a long time ago (granted, I was a vegetarian back then), I only recently cooked this delicious number for the first time. It is usually made with

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Meet Nick

He usually likes to keep a low profile, but we think it’s high time we revealed the brainchild behind Dreamscape Kitchens… What inspired you to work with wood? At school we had wood working classes and I was really into

To discover more of our bespoke handmade kitchen projects, head over to our houzz profile.