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Life may be created in the bedroom, but life definitely happens in the kitchen.

In the old days, kitchens were mostly used for cooking only, whereas now they are for creating great food and living. It’s where the whole family congregates to relax, hang out, chat, cook and bake. It’s the centre of the family’s day-to-day living. It’s where the day begins and where it ends. Kitchens are now an irreplaceable place in the home.

Today’s homes are a lot more kitchen-centric than ever before. Research shows that some families now spend up to 90% of their waking time in the kitchen (especially if there’s a television involved).

Dining rooms – often the most underused room of the house – are very rapidly becoming obsolete, with walls being knocked down to design a bigger “kitchen diner”. The current trend is to merge the dining room with the kitchen to create a larger open plan space. Formal dining is becoming a thing of the past. Thanks to celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver and the beautiful Nigella Lawson, inviting friends over to hang out in the kitchen for a more casual dining experience is now fully acceptable. Cooking has very much become a social activity where everyone can “have a go” and get involved. With the rise of cooking shows, so too has our interest in and newly found love of good food. Nobody wants to create great food in a poxy kitchen, right?

Over the last ten years the kitchen has slowly but surely transformed into the main living area of the home. The kitchen is now the perfect space to host guests, relaxed dinner parties and joint cooking or baking. In short, la cuisine provides a multi-functional purpose: socialising, working, cooking, chatting, bonding, entertaining, relaxing. Children can do their homework while dinner is prepared. The kitchen has also turned into a conversation facilitator, a place where family members catch up after their busy day out.

People are investing a lot into kitchen upgrades nowadays because of its importance in the home. Having a beautiful kitchen can make all the difference from setting the tone of the house to feeling inspired to create family meals.

Every fabulous kitchen needs a fabulous kitchen island. Why? It’s a great storage solution. It provides a fun bar-top seating area which is relaxed and sociable. It’s a clever way of drawing the whole family in, especially children. Islands provide a natural gathering place for family and friends to drink coffee, have lunch/dinner or eat cake. Whether the island is long and slim or neat and round, housing a sink and appliances, it has become an essential feature.

The dynamics in our home have certainly changed since we extended and created a brand new kitchen last year. Our show-stopping centrepiece island has become the place where we all mingle and chat.

If you are thinking of getting a new kitchen or upgrading your current one, do get in touch with us at Dreamscape Kitchens. We would be delighted to give you a free consultation!

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