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He usually likes to keep a low profile, but we think it’s high time we revealed the brainchild behind Dreamscape Kitchens…

What inspired you to work with wood?

At school we had wood working classes and I was really into it. I made a chess card table for one of my exams at school. So right from the start, I knew that working with wood would be my vocation.

How did your career start?

I got into cabinet making in my late teens and it grew from there really. My favourite projects were making one-off pieces as they challenged me. I got experienced working for other companies before setting up my own business.

Why did you call your company Dreamscape Kitchens?

Because I was looking for premises to rent and the letting agent turned round and said “you’re selling the dream.” It gave me the idea to call it Dreamscape as in the whole view. I think it’s got a nice ring to it, it conjures up images of the whole vision, be it kitchens or other bespoke furniture.

How did you go about building a clientele?

I was making prior to having the unit storage solutions in my garden and then it grew from then. I made some book cases for a client in Shaftesbury and she asked me to do her kitchen. So I decided at that point to get a unit and do it professionally with enough space to manufacture cabinets.

What makes Dreamscape Kitchens unique?

It’s made by one individual and we deal with any issues very quickly. 14 years of being in the company makes me unique because I’ve survived a major recession. I produce high quality workmanship throughout and my style and design are more interesting than the average kitchen company.

Where do you see Dreamscape Kitchens in five years from now?

I see the company growing and prospering. We’d like to open a shop for people to experience quality. We will be hiring staff so I can delegate and focus more on the business side.

What do you like most about your work?

Seeing the client’s reaction is very rewarding, seeing the finished product.

If someone is interested in getting a bespoke kitchen, what should they do?

Phone the office on 01963 24 00 00 or send an e-mail to

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