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This is my favourite no bake cheese cake recipe by far and it has to be the easiest one in the world! I could actually do it blind-folded and in under 15 minutes! What I like in particular is that it doesn’t use cream, so it’s rather light. It uses mascarpone which is a healthier option, but just as creamy.


Half a packet of digestive biscuits, 50 gr of melted butter, 400 gr of cream cheese, 300 gr of mascarpone, 70 gr of icing sugar – that is all!


To make the base, crush the digestive biscuits to crumbs (the fastest way is to bash them with a rolling pin in a plastic sandwich bag), add the melted butter and press the biscuit base into a round, loose-bottomed baking tin. Place in freezer for at least ten minutes to ensure it’s firm.

Mix the cream cheese, mascarpone and icing sugar in a bowl, it takes no longer than two minutes. Pour this over the base, cover with cling film and let it set in the freezer for a few hours and transfer to the fridge.

This cheese cake is incredibly tasty and moreish. What I love about it too is that you can vary it according to your preference: you may add fruit, lemon zest, chocolate, crush Oreo cookies, Kitkat or any other chocolate bar into the filling and there’s no end to how you can garnish it. Sky really is the limit. I have made this cheese cake using a million different variations. In summer it’s nice to use lemons or fresh fruit such as berries.

Enjoy a big slab of this delicious cake with a nice cup of tea or coffee!

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