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With the arrival of spring, what better time to revamp the heart of the home. The great thing about adding colour is that you can liven up the kitchen with minimal effort. What are the must haves for 2018?

1. Pastel & Gold

Think pastel shades, bright whites and gold detailing. This new trend is a follow on from the unicorn craze that hit the nation in 2017. Be prepared to see glitter paints, white gloss cabinets, gold ceiling pendants and lots of coloured accessories.

How to dress the look? Brilliant white cabinets with gold handles, finished with a pale worktop such as a light marble creates the foundation. Add a pastel shade to the walls; baby pink, blue, mint or lavender. Why not add a bit of sparkle with some glitter paint? If you’re really feeling brave, cover each wall; otherwise keep it simple with an accent section of the kitchen. Introduce flashes of gold by using wallpaper or wall tiles. Beautiful gold or champagne coloured light fittings will complement and add even more subtle colour. Finish off the look with well-placed coloured tea lights and pastel coloured accessories.


2. A Taste of Morocco


Moroccan-themed décor is becoming increasingly popular for all rooms of the house. Think beautiful mosaic wallpaper and floor tiles, wooden worktops, lanterns and pendant lights.

What’s the best way to dress the look? To truly capture the spirit of Morocco, use lots of vibrant colour! The easiest way to achieve this is with tiles that have a bold base colour with detailing of geometric shapes. Add a little Moroccan flavour by using kitchen tiles or stand out by introducing the theme with floor tiles. Opt for neutral cabinets, chunky wooden worktops and finish the look with exotic plants. Place lanterns around the kitchen; the metalwork and stained glass are an iconic Moroccan piece and will complement the look perfectly.


3. Metallic

Think industrial; shiny metallic and stylish statement lighting. It started in 2017 and is more popular than ever this year.

How does this look in practical terms? The basis is a dark grey high gloss kitchen to make those warm metallics stand out. Add gold handles and gold taps for an elegant touch and a hint of subtle colour. A statement kitchen bar island with high black stools will be centre of attention when decorated with long copper pendant lighting, creating a dramatic look. Add some shimmer to the walls by using metallic wallpapers and enhance this with dark shimmering tiles. Opt for flashes of gold and geometric shapes. Finish the look with copper or metallic kitchen accessories.


4. Nature

Nature friendly and going natural is a big topic at the moment. People are becoming more aware of wanting to introduce this into everyday life and eco kitchens are gaining popularity. Think natural materials; real wood, bamboo and plenty of foliage. This look is a modern take on the country kitchen.

How can you achieve this look? Opt for wood finished cabinets which are either painted or come in natural wood styles. Add a solid wood worktop which can be protected against stains. Decorate the walls in subtle tones: think very light browns, creams and pale greys. Natural light and lots of it is crucial for achieving this look; keep accessories to a minimum and use house plants to add splashes of colour. Finish by lining windows or sideboards with herb boxes which you can of course be used to create tasty dishes.


5. Block Colour


Less is sometimes more. Think bold colours, high gloss or wood that create an impact.

How can you get the look? Simple white, elegant kitchen cabinets and a light tiled floor. Add a royal blue island, with gold handles and marble work tops to create a wow factor and a splash of colour. For the lighting, think elegant glass or gold pendant shades. To really create an impact, go even bolder; add a wall of high gloss brightly coloured cabinets; think greens, yellows and reds. Finish the look with brightly coloured flowers and fresh fruits.




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