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We are living in the age of instant gratification, convenience and speed, where everything can be bought off the Internet, yet more and more people are favouring bespoke furniture over mass production. Let’s look at the reasons and advantages of choosing custom made furniture.


Nobody in the whole world will have the same as you. Your furniture and therefore, your home/décor is totally unique and individual. Each piece is one of a kind, your choice and preference, it can 100% reflect your ideas. There is something very cool about having exclusive furnishings.


The quality you get from an artisan craftsman is second to none thanks to their experience, skill and the materials used. Hand-made is superior to shop bought and custom made furniture usually lasts longer than factory produced pieces. The longevity and durability means the cost is balanced over a longer period of time which makes it a worthwhile investment.


The beauty of personalised furniture is that you have a say in the product. The client can get fully involved in the process, from choosing materials to the very specification. You choose exactly how you want your furniture to look.


Made to measure furniture means maximising storage space and is built according to the client’s precise specification; that’s impossible if buying from the mass market.


Nothing beats the personal touch. Choosing a bespoke furniture company is synonymous with amazing customer service. Clients are usually invited to the workshop to get a closer look at what happens behind the scenes to satisfy customer confidence. The customer is involved from the first consultation right though to design, installation and after care.


Deciding to commission furniture from a traditional craftsman means you are supporting local business people and therefore, money benefits local artisans, rather than the big retailers.

At Dreamscape Kitchens our clients’ satisfaction is of paramount importance. We are passionate about delivering high end products to suit your lifestyle and taste. Please get in touch for a free consultation with Nick Garrett, who has almost thirty years experience cabinet making.

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